The Institute on Napoleon and the French Revolution is home to a group of dedicated faculty and graduate students whose areas of research include social, gender, economic, legal, military, and medical topics in both Revolutionary/Napoleonic Europe and the broader Atlantic world, during the period 1700-1850. Its current and former students work on a similarly broad range of topics. For a complete list of books published by faculty and graduates of the INFR, please see the Bookshelf.

Graduates of the Institute on Napoleon and the French Revolution have gone on to a series of exciting jobs both inside and outside of academia. Those who have chosen an academic career have taught at universities (such as Auburn and the University of Texas at San Antonio), colleges (such as Albion College and SUNY Adirondack), and US military institutions (such as West Point and the Naval War College). Other graduates have chosen careers outside of academia, both in the private sector (such as business, law, and historical tourism) and in the public-history sector (government, museums).