Third Annual Weider History Conference "Sex and Gender in France, 1750-1870"

The Institute on Napoleon and the French Revolution, in Florida State University’s Department of History, will be hosting a [Club_des_femmes_patriotes_dans_[...]Chérieux.JPEGtwo-day workshop on approaches to gender and sexuality in French history. Scholars from North America will be presenting their cutting-edge research in this rising field of French historical study.

The subjects to be discussed range from the family, slavery, prostitution, sexual violence, adultery, medical authority, village conflict, scandal, and sexual culture in eighteenth and nineteenth century France.  Each presentation will be followed  by a round table discussion linking the specific paper topic to broader theoretical  and historiographical issues. 

The workshop will be held in the Longmire building on the Florida State University Campus, room 204.

Organizers: Rafe Blaufarb and Cathy McClive, Florida State University

Commentators: Denise Davidson, Georgia State University; Jennifer Davis, University of  Oklahoma; Julie Hardwick, University of Texas at Austin; Jeffrey Merrick, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, emeritus; Jennifer Palmer, University of Georgia; Anne Verjus, École normale supérieure de Lyon, Institute of French Studies, NYU.

Presenters: Jessie Hewitt, Marymount University; Sarah Horowitz, Washington and Lee University; Nina Kushner, Clark University; Nancy Locklin-Sofer, Maryville College; Deidre Lyons, University of Chicago; Amy Richter, Clark University; Meghan Roberts, Bowdoin College; Andrew Israel Ross, University of Southern Mississippi; Caroline Séquin, University of Chicago; Jillian Slaight, University of Wisconsin-Madison.